Field Activity


The Ekmattra Society's Field Activity actively monitors underprivileged children in strategic areas of Dhaka City, including Sadarghat, Victoria Park, Gulistan, Kamalapur, and Mirpur, demonstrating a proactive commitment to their well-being. The dedicated field team works with these children to identify vulnerabilities and provide necessary support, with the goal of ensuring their safety, health, and overall well-being.

Beyond direct monitoring, Ekmattra works with organizations dedicated to helping these children by improving emergency assistance and educational support. This collaborative effort demonstrates Ekmattra Society's commitment to a holistic and collective approach, resulting in a more robust and reliable support system for the well-being and educational aspirations of Dhaka's underprivileged children.


Ekmattra Society's core operational focus has been rehabilitation since its inception, marked by the establishment of Ekmattra DBB Academy in 2018. Our primary goal is to rescue homeless children from the streets of Dhaka, providing them with a secure home. The rehabilitation process involves a situational analysis and initial observation. After receiving grooming and support, children transition to the Ekmattra-Dutch-Bangla Bank Academy, ensuring comprehensive development and a brighter future.

Alongside these primary initiatives, Ekmattra's field activities involve collaborating with organizations dedicated to children living on the streets of Dhaka. In the past, Ekmattra has executed various activities, including relief distribution during lockdowns, maintaining the standards of Ananda Shelter Homes despite pandemic challenges, offering the Inclusive Future Scholarship to meritorious students, supporting beneficiary families during lockdowns, and collaborating with partner organizations for the Street Meal Program.

Ekmattra's commitment to community welfare, education, and well-being, coupled with the transition from the Shelter Home project to the Academy, has established us as a trusted and compassionate organization, making a significant impact on the lives of underprivileged children in the country.


Media Advocacy and Mass Awareness


Ekmattra Society is dedicated to using the powerful tool of media to raise awareness about the challenges that children face and to advocate for their rights. Recognizing the media's profound influence on culture, beliefs, values, and traditions, we founded Ekmattra Entrepreneurs Ltd. (EEL). EEL is committed to raising public consciousness through an array of popular media and communication tools. Since its inception, EEL has worked tirelessly to achieve its core objectives, including the successful production of its flagship feature film, "Je Shahar Chorabali."

The film, directed by Shubhashish Roy, sheds light on the harsh realities of life for underprivileged children on Dhaka's streets. The film garnered immense success, with over 20,000 viewers throughout the year, and inspired hundreds of volunteers to contribute to the welfare of these children. Currently, a new movie is in development, continuing our efforts to use media as a catalyst for positive change in society.

Income Generating Activities

Ekmattra Society is committed to promoting self-sufficiency as a means of better serving marginalized communities. Our pursuit of organizational goals is dependent on innovative entrepreneurship, which drives us to constantly explore new ideas for a better future. In accordance with this commitment, children residing in our academy receive training in the creation of various small handmade products, which improves their skills and builds confidence.

This initiative not only provides stability in their lives, but also fosters self-esteem. As children grow older, they are introduced to a variety of crafts such as postcards, wristbands, and small decorative items.


Research and Evaluation


Ekmattra places a significant emphasis on research and evaluation, viewing it as the intellectual foundation that guides all developmental initiatives within the organization. Through rigorous research, we hope to uncover novel ideas that will inform the planning and execution of our programmatic interventions across departments. Ekmattra Society is currently conducting research on the mental health of underprivileged children who live on Dhaka's streets.

Once completed, Ekmattra will create a Training of Trainers (ToT) Manual to address mental health issues, particularly PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), for child caregivers who work with street children. The results of our research efforts are communicated through our monthly newsletter, 'Bartapatra,' which is available in Bengali, English, and Japanese. This newsletter serves as a platform to share our findings and disseminate essential information about Ekmattra's initiatives and the work undertaken for the betterment of underprivileged children.


  • Conducting research on children's well-being in Bangladesh and beyond. * Evaluating the feasibility of programmatic interventions in collaboration with other departments.

  • Conducting important social research for the entire organization.

  • Exploring opportunities for social development and change. * Developing new ideas and philosophical positions to improve communication with other organizations, agencies, and institutions.


Since our inception, we have published a monthly newsletter, 'Bartapatra,' in Bengali, English, and Japanese. This newsletter contains important information about the organization as well as details about its activities for underprivileged children.