Who We Are

Welcome to Ekmattra Society, where we envision a world in which every child is valued, lives without discrimination, and thrives in an environment that prioritizes their development and safety. Ekmattra is committed to ensuring the well-being and future of all children through comprehensive and meaningful initiatives. For over 20 years, Ekmattra Society has been part of more than 3000 underprivileged children's lives.



  • Change the state of discrimination that exists in Bangladesh for the underprivileged children and facilitates long-term and sustainable initiatives for the development of the children
  • Ensure support for all the children and incorporate pro-children policies so that they become part of all meaningful reforms in the society
  • Generate appropriate knowledge, address gaps in existing knowledge, and aware the critical mass on the state of children
  • Empower families and communities and institutions to move forward and contribute in the development of their children
  • Facilitate the knowledge development of young people so that they can be an active force of social development
  • Utilize mass communication media at its best possible forms to raise awareness in the society and to achieve our vision and mission



The vision of Ekmattra is to build a society where the children are cherished in a world free of discrimination, and the society will ensure the development and security of the children by all means. In providing a secured future for a child, Ekmattra will provide various services to the underprivileged part of the community through various development functionaries. Ekmattra will connect all its activities to address the plight of the children and ensure a child-friendly national and global development process.

History of Establishment

The Story of Ekmattra

In the heart of Dhaka city, in 2003, a compassionate spark ignited within us as we witnessed the plight of rootless and disadvantaged children navigating the rough streets. The vulnerability of these children on the verge of exploitation and abuse struck a chord. Faced with existing social injustice and discrimination, they were forced to live miserable lives with no practical alternatives, forcing them to turn to unjust means of survival. As a result of this harsh reality, we developed a strong desire to make a meaningful impact. While we lacked a concrete plan for forming an organization at the time, our commitment prompted us to launch an open sky school for these children. Our initial focus was on imparting basic life skills, teaching words and numbers, providing health and hygiene education, and providing some recreational activities such as singing, painting, and outdoor games. We believed that education combined with entertainment could help them escape the monotony of their lives. However, as we delved deeper into their needs, we discovered that they required more than just food, clothing, shelter, and education. The desire for close mental support and a sense of family became evident. Recognizing the limitations of the resources available to children living on the streets, we began a new phase of planning. We reached out to others who shared our vision, seeking support to turn our dream of building a brighter future for these children into a reality. Ekmattra Society was officially formed in 2004, and received registration [S-3850(639)] from the Joint Stock Company Act authorities of the Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh. Our journey began with the establishment of a temporary rescue center and shelter home in the Mirpur area, which housed 13 children and one dedicated staff member. This marked the beginning of our mission to provide a safe haven of care, compassion, and opportunity for those in the most dire need.


At a Glance

Name of the OrganizationEkmattra Society
Year of Establishment2003
Place of EstablishmentDhaka
Head office AddressHouse No: 1, Road No: 4, Banani DOHS,
Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh
+88029833548, +8801799300500
Offices of Ekmattra

Head Offices: 01

Field Offices: 02

Total Offices: 03

Operational Areas of Ekmattra

Dhaka City

Haluaghat, Mymensingh

Legal Status

Nature of the Registration: The Society Registration Act 21 of 1860

Government Registration: S-3850(639)

Name of the registration: 1978 The foreign Donations(volunteer Activities)

Government Registration: Regulation ordinance(Ordinance no-46, 1978)2825

Our Team

Shubhashish Roy
Executive Director
Sulogna Rema
Assistant Manager, Liaison & External Communication
S.I.M Farhan Sheikh
Assistant Manager, Research & Communication
Kallol Paul
Program Development Officer
Shihab Sharar Sumon
Field Associate
Md. Abu Kawser Sarker
Rajib Kumar Banik
Manager, Admin
Snehashis Bhattacharjee
Senior Teacher
Avi Sangma
ICT Teacher

Our Certification


Our Partners


Our Mentors

From the very beginning, I was impressed to see the activities of the children under the able guidance of the Ekmattra Management. I am happy to see that over the years the sphere of the group has been widened with new facilities for children. The creation of Ekmattra DBBL Academy at Haluaghat, Mymensingh has been a remarkable manifestation of one of their major achievements. I hope the efforts of the management would not only benefit the limited number of children within the campus but would also encourage others in our society to create similar philanthropic facilities elsewhere for a large number of poverty-stricken underprivileged children of the country.

Rear Admiral A S M Abdul Baten (Rtd) BN
Secretary General
Bangladesh Ocean Going Ship
Owners’ Association
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