A Platform for the Advancement of the Underprivilaged Children


A Platform for Advancement of the Underprivileged Children. Ekmattra wants to build a society where children are cherished in a world free of discrimination and the development and security of every child will be ensured by all means. We Nurture the Present to Build a Meaningful Future for the Society. The vision of Ekmattra is to build a society where the children are cherished in a world free of discrimination. The society will ensure the development and security of the children by all means.


আজ জীবন খুঁজে পাবি
(Aj jibon Khuje Pabi)

Ongoing Activities


The Ekmattra Society's Field Activity actively monitors underprivileged children in strategic areas of Dhaka City, including Sadarghat, Victoria Park, Gulistan, Kamalapur, and Mirpur, demonstrating a proactive commitment to their well-being. The dedicated field team works with these children to identify vulnerabilities and provide necessary support, with the goal of ensuring their safety, health, and overall well-being.


Ekmattra Society's core operational focus has been rehabilitation since its inception, marked by the establishment of Ekmattra DBB Academy in 2018. Our primary goal is to rescue homeless children from the streets of Dhaka, providing them with a secure home. The rehabilitation process involves a situational analysis and initial observation. After receiving grooming and support, children transition to the Ekmattra-Dutch-Bangla Bank Academy, ensuring comprehensive development and a brighter future.


Ekmattra Society is dedicated to using the powerful tool of media to raise awareness about the challenges that children face and to advocate for their rights. Recognizing the media's profound influence on culture, beliefs, values, and traditions, we founded Ekmattra Entrepreneurs Ltd. (EEL). EEL is committed to raising public consciousness through an array of popular media and communication tools. Since its inception, EEL has worked tirelessly to achieve its core objectives, including the successful production of its flagship feature film, "Je Shahar Chorabali." The film, directed by Shubhashish Roy, sheds light on the harsh realities of life for underprivileged children on Dhaka's streets.
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Project Spotlight

Research on Mental Health Condition of Underprivileged Children living in the Streets of Dhaka

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I am teaching at open sky class

I was the eldest in my family, and I used to teach my younger brothers. I was a teacher at Ekmattra Open Sky School too. I have completed my graduation from Bangladesh University. I also participated in a course on Photography at Pathshala. After my graduation, I worked as a Camera Assistant at Ekmattra Entrepreneurs. Now I am working as a Field Associate at Ekmattra Society.

Shihab Sharar Shumon

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