Income Generating Activities

Ekmattra Society is applying the method of being self-dependent for the organization to serve the disadvantaged people of the society. The responsibility that Ekmattra wants to reach will never transpire except the innovative new ideas of small and medium range entrepreneurship. This understanding is the ground that forced the courage of Ekmattra to a continuous exploration of new ideas for a better future.


  • Small scale handicraft project for soft skill development of the children and vulnerable women,
  • Innovative agricultural firming in the Academy,
  • A food venture as a platform of training, income generation and child support center.
  • Entrepreneurship in audio-visual media sector as a hub for social awareness, training.
Small scale handicraft project for soft skill development:

Children from different vulnerable situation who are living in the shelter home of the organization are given training to make various small handicraft products that is enhancing their skills and increasing confidence within a child as well. When a child learns to make even a small product then s/he starts to believe it will help to find some sort of stability in their lives, also they gain some self- respect. The older the child grows new skills are gradually introduced to them. These are products like postcard, wrist band, decoration with pearl in a small thing etc. Many of their products are then sold from shelter home to the visitors and taken to our well-wishers. This initiative is continued uninterruptedly from the year of 2011-2015.And in 2016 this initiative is introduced through the underprivileged women in the EKMATTRA-Dutch-Bangla Bank area in Haluaghat, Mymensingh. They are now enjoying their life by earning from making craft item.

Sustainable Agricultural Project:

Ekmattra Society owns a land of 3.43 acre in Haluaghat, Mymensingh. In this year a fishery project has started on 40 decimal of land, a dairy firm launched with 3 cow and 45 goats and a massive plantation of fruit trees took place in the very limited portion of land. We believe in upcoming years the growth of these projects and more innovative agricultural initiatives will create more prospect for the organization.

Restaurant Services Training:

One of the major milestone projects of Entrepreneurship and IGA department of us was the initiative of Ekmattra Restaurant Services. The key feature of this scheme is the training program for deprived adolescent children in Hotel Management and Hospitality Management and generating income for the organization. Another important target achieved through this initiative by creating a platform of child support center where the privileged community got the opportunity to come forward and take a part in social work.

Multi-Media Training Center:

The media entrepreneurship helped a lot to obtain the target of awareness among the mass people towards the vulnerability of the children living in street. At the same time it is gradually taking its formation of a Multi-media training center which will able to serve skill development and media education to many vulnerable children who are coming forward with their standard academic background. In present job market media is gradually taking a very good shape for employment in various streams. As well as the tools of fund raising the films we made and other related services of this initiative has been created a promising opportunity for the organization.