Ekmattra-Dutch-Bangla Bank Academy

The Ekmattra-Dutch-Bangla Bank Academy in Haluaghat, Mymensingh, commenced its journey in 2018. It has the capacity to host 128 children and offers basic rights and amenities to the children. Ekmattra-Dutch-Bangla Bank Academy is providing a wide-ranging space for both physical and mental development of a child.

Structure of the Academy

Prominent architect Mr.Iqbal Habib has been involved with his efficient team of Vitti Stho-pothibrindo Ltd. in overall architectural designing of the Academy. This follows eco-friendly design principles based on ensuring fresh air and the healthy environment. The Academy premises include separate dormito ries for the children and teachers, avocational educationinstitute, a healthcarecenter, an office, staffquarters, amultipurposecomplex, alibrary, playgrounds, a pond, a dairyfarm, agrofarm and a bakery.

Services of the Academy

The academy provides specific services to the most vulnerable group of children who is residing within its premises. Further, the academy also considers the children and adults of Haluaghat as indirect beneficiaries of its services. These services cover a large range of basic rights provisions for the children who are the primary target groups of our endeavor. The services of the academy are:

Support Academy

You can support Academy by:

  1. Financial donation
  2. Expert advice/support
  3. Being a partner for the services in the academy
  4. Being a concern guardian