Ekmattra considers the Research and Evaluation as its brain to conduct all the developmental ventures under the auspices of the organization. We research to explore new ideas that contribute in planning and implementation of our programmatic interventions throughout other organs of the organization. The major focus of the department relies on:

  • Conduct fundamental and evaluative research studies on the state of children in Bangladesh and beyond.
  • Assess the possibility and prospect of the planning of the associating departments to formulate programmatic interventions in the society.
  • Conduct the essential social research for the entire organization.
  • Research new opportunities for social development and change.
  • Generate new ideas and establish philosophical positions to help Ekmattra Society to communicate with other working organizations, agencies and institutions.

Research and Evaluation is composed of experienced and energetic researchers, analysts and critics from the leading educational institutions of Bangladesh and abroad. In addition, we are also supported by the interns and fresh graduates of public and private higher educational institutions of Bangladesh to conduct research study, evaluation, analysis, monitoring, assessment and related tasks of the organization.

Accomplished Tasks

We conducted a qualitative participatory research study on drug-affected children of Dhaka city—An Action Research in 2007-08 commissioned by Research Initiative Bangladesh. The final findings of the research are presented at a national seminar in RIB.

We conduct baseline surveys prior to start open-sky classes in Mirpur Mazar area and Mirpur 6 Section. The studies were conducted in 2009 and 2015 respectively. The baseline studies provide an orientation for the activists to know the state of the underprivileged children prior to the intervention.

In 2014, we conducted a baseline survey in profiling the state of underprivileged children in Mymensingh city area.

In 2015, we started a long-term case study research to narrate the stories of the underprivileged children on the streets of Dhaka. The findings are partly published in our regular venue, a monthly newsletter ‘Bartapatra’ in Bengali, English and Japanese languages. The newsletter also contains significant information regarding the organization and related works on the underprivileged children.