Ekmattra adopts action based activities are that are based on field oriented research and participatory in nature. On that account, Open Sky School (OSS) is aimed to teach the local disadvantageous children on the street on the basic living skills through a very basic level of pre-primary informal education, civic and cultural learning. Through this program, Ekmattra aims to support the most vulnerable children (MVC) who are mainly parentless (or whose parents are in dangerous occupations), homeless, shelter less, ill-fed, ill-clothed and devoid of parental care. Having no shelter, food, education, healthcare, social security and parental care they are compelled to be involved in unsafe works for their mere survival.

These vulnerable occupations include the job of garbage collector, street market vendor, porter, begging and other hazardous works. Living in such conditions, these children can’t afford to go to school. Ekmattra aims to reach out to them with a mobile school, which will not only provide education but also other necessary supports (e.g. healthcare, safety and life-skills etc.) for the children to graduate from their existing vulnerable situation.

The current OSS classes are also composed of dropout children in addition to these underprivileged ones who have had never been to schools. Each student is given individual attention while keeping the child’s strength-weakness and knowledge profile in mind. Currently, classes are held two days every week in Thursdays and Sundays. It is planned to increase the number of classes to 5 days a week with the active support of local youth volunteers. In addition to the youth, local community members including parents, children’s employers, members of the local government authorities etc. are included in the process to support the children.

Classes of OSS 2012-2013

Month Students(Average) Classes
June, 2012 12 13
July, 2012 12 13
August 13 13
September, 2012 13 13
October, 2012 12 14
November, 2012 10 12
December, 2012 15 13
January, 2013 17 13
February, 2013 16 12
March, 2013 16 13
April, 2013 19 13
May, 2013 13 13
June, 2013 10 13


  • Profiling of the children
  • Close observation of the underprivileged child at Mirpur in the Dhaka city & prepare reports on the status of the children.
  • Reinstitute the most vulnerable children to Ekmattra’s Children Home and other similar institutions
  • Curriculum & module design for the OSS
  • Plan for an extensive model of OSS (roaming school) for the underprivileged children of Dhaka City


  • Art completion: July, 2012; 20 child participates of OSS
  • Study Tour: Child Study Tour at National Zoo in Dhaka,February, 2013; 30 kids were enjoyed the whole day event.
  • Visual presentation: A visual report on OSS Program on ETV, June, 2013; produced by ETV.


  • All children of the OSS are now able to write their names, they have good knowledge on number and counting, colours.
  • Have a good knowledge in pre-schooling course
  • The senior children are prepared to go to formal schooling - primary schools
  • We have also rehabilitated 8 children from OSS: four of them are taken to Ananda Shelter Home of Ekmattra Society and four others are rehabilitated to other safe shelter homes.
  • Three children have already gone back to their families.