• Change the state of discrimination that exists in Bangladesh for the underprivileged children and facilitate long-term and sustainable initiatives for the development of the children
  • Ensure support for all the children and incorporate pro-children policies so that they become part of all meaningful reforms in the society
  • Generate appropriate knowledge, address gaps in existing knowledge, and aware the critical mass on the state of children
  • Empower families and communities and institutions to move forward and contribute in the development of their children
  • Facilitate the knowledge development of young people so that they can be an active force of social development
  • Utilize mass communication media at its best possible forms to raise awareness in the society and to achieve our vision and mission

The vision of Ekmattra Society is to build a society where the children are cherished in a world free of discrimination, and the society will ensure the development and security of the children by all means. In providing a secured future for a child, Ekmattra will facilitate the underprivileged part of the communities through holistic development functionaries. Ekmattra will connect all its development drives to address negative repercussions on children and ensure a child-friendly national and global development process.