The journey of Ekmattra’s Ananda Children’s home at Mirpur started in 2004 with12 children from the Open Sky School. Our realization after running the OSS for a certain period had led us to the idea of establishing a Children’s Home in Dhaka. We observed it was quite impossible to improve the lives of the children on the streets of Dhaka with some partial supports of a certain project or aid. These children require a safe home that prevents them from the hazardous conditions and a shelter where all the services are available. And of course they all needed a little love or touch of care to step towards a safe childhood. That required a long term support where they can get intense care with all the basic needs. Ekmattra Children home is dedicated by all means to ensure a purposeful life to these children within a space of care and a homely environment.

In the 12 years that have followed, EKMATTRA- Children Home has become every bit as special as the founders had envisioned. It is now the home for 38 children who are having the access to basic needs—education, foods, clothes, and accommodation. At Ekmattra Children Home each day begins with the spirit of togetherness under daily routine; a bunch of kids are taken to their Kindergarten school, and the young-adults leave for their schools and colleges. Everyday sport session is followed after school in the nearest field. Academic courses are being observed by three house tutors that is reflecting in student results after year. A first batch of children have already graduated their school—shows the dedication of the activists to facilitate the upbringing of the children.

We also are keen for the artistic experience of our children by encouraging them for different art skills like music, drama, handicraft making, drawing, dance and other art practices. Their performances are appreciated in many in-house and other events organized by Ekmattra. By celebrating many cultural, national and historic occasions like Victory day, Language day, Pohela Boishakh and other seasonal festivals that engages our children with Bangla heritage.