The Concern Guardians are the chief advisors and the most long term donors of the organization. A concern guardian takes the responsibility to donate an amount of money which ensures every kinds of basic needs for a child who is under the care of the Ekmattra Society’s Ananda Children’s Home. At Ekmattra, there are many of these children whose family members are engaged with hazardous or illegal jobs and that place is not safe for the child. Also, some of those children are trafficked or they are distanced from their family. Such unfortunate children, who does not have anywhere to go; our children’s home has become the shelter and family for them. There is no alternative to help these children without securing a long term support for them. This apparently tough job would not have been possible if permanent and long term support were not managed from the concern guardians.

Our profound gratitude is always there for those concern guardians who have been supporting these children since our inception. Many of the concern guardians are supporting us for the last 12 years. That is resulting into great outcomes. Our children are studying in different colleges after finishing their high school education. Some of them are preparing for admission to the universities to ensure a better future in the mainstream job market. The contributions of concern guardians are immense in the triumphant journey of these children.