A Centre of Excellence

In urban area there are very little infrastructure to nurture the underprivileged children. We felt that in the existing rehabilitation program like Ananda Children Home of EKMATTRA and other shelter homes, day care centers, night shelter homes ran by the other organizations are not enough to fulfill the existing demands of the underprivileged children on the street. In city life it is very difficult to ensure a safe, permanent and child friendly environment for the kids. To ensure such an environment is way too expensive also. So, the vision of EKMATTRA is to build discrimination free and child friendly society for the children, and that will begin along with an state of the art infrastructure, ideal environment and modern methods for them.

This Academy is a centre of excellence and a safe home for every child so that they can get equal facilities and education through enforcing the involvement and effective initiatives to the local and national community.

The aims are:

  • To establish an academy that ensures all basic rights of the children who are trapped in urban areas. These incorporate a safe accommodation, balanced diet, clothing, general and vocational education, healthcare support, and the like.
  • To provide similar services to the underprivileged children who are in potential risks of unsafe migration in rural areas.
  • To build this academy as a centre of all educational and capacity development activities in the locality so that the children get opportunities to be an able entrepreneur to enlighten their future livelihood.
  • To ensure participation of the local population through voluntary services in implementing the activities of the Academy that reflects an inclusive and people-centered development process.
  • To facilitate a self-sustainable process within the Academy that generates its own support base for its expenditures and management.
  • To set this as an exemplary case for the other socio-development organizations through sharing knowledge and expertise.

How EKMATTRA visualizes the growth of a child under its nurture in the Academy

Structural Component of Academy

Prominent architect Mr. Iqbal Habib has been involved with his efficient team of Vitti Sthopothibrindo Ltd. in overall architectural designing of the Academy. This follows eco-friendly design principles based on ensuring fresh air and the healthy environment. The capacity of Academy can accommodate a maximum of 128 children at a time. The Academy premises include separate dormitories for the children and teachers, a vocational education institute, a health care center, an office, staff quarters, a multipurpose complex, a library, playgrounds, a pond, a dairy farm, agro farm and a bakery.

Structural Component of Academy

Present Situation of the Academy

Structural construction of the academy was started in 17th August 2010 with the financial support of Dutch Bangla Bank Foundation, named EKMATTRA-DBBL Academy. In a pleasant, colorful environment it was inaugurated by Advocate Promode Mankin, MP and Honorable State Minister, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh. Executive director of EKMATTRA Society, EKMATTRA personnel, volunteer group, the Honorable Members, local administration officials, and the chairman of the Dutch-Bangla Bank limited was attended in this inauguration program. The academy is projected for 128 children ensuring all kinds of facilities for standard living.

The construction has been interrupted due to lack of fund, insufficient trained manpower, and uninterrupted water supply especially in dry season. As a result, it is not possible to conclude the construction work within the estimated time. For the delay, costs of construction materials are increasing in every month. In the mean time we assessed out from 2011, the value of construction kits has increased more than three times higher some in some cases.

Despite such impediments, we have already finished 80% construction of the Academy buildings and other infrastructural element. According to the design of the academy at present door-window shuttering is under construction, rest of the structures is already in its good shape. Building the landscape will be the final task for the contractors to accomplish the academy within the targeted time frame. Amphitheatre, interior and exterior, wall, dam construction, beautification, electricity supply, internal roads are now under construction.

Already the essential have been done

Services of EKMATTRA-DBBL Academy

The Academy will provide specific services to the most vulnerable group of children who will be residing within its premises. Further, the Academy also considers the children and adults of Haluaghat as indirect beneficiaries of its services. These services cover a large range of basic rights provisions for the children who are the primary target groups of our endeavor.